Parts for sale - Rootes/Chrysler Hunter Range origins

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Arrow (Hunter) Range all synchromesh gearbox - NON overdrive, standard ratios - offered as found for overhaul - gear lever included but damaged (stem chopped off) 75 (GBP)

Arrow (Hunter) Range front grille - good/fair used condition - will require some locating pins reconstituted for at least one of the plastic inserts - model and year of original fitment unknown but appearance suggests to me 1972/73 Hunter DL or GL 20 (GBP)

Arrow (Hunter) Range parcel tray - good/fair used condition - has a cut-out at the top of the central vertical piece (seems to be original), presumably for radio installation, and has a few extra holes in the shelf on the right hand side, plus various distortions and creases of the shelf itself or in the upper board sections - model and year of original fitment unknown 15 (GBP)